24saat also under blocking in Azerbaijan

June 1, 2017

Starting the 5 May 2017, the website 24saat.org is suffering from Internet blocking inside Azerbaijan.

RST injection

Connections to the website http://www.24saat.org receive injected traffic (RST injection) that tear down the connections.

This behavior is not present when requesting the site using HTTPS https://www.24saat.org/

A full report describing how the blocking is taking place for other sites inside Azerbaijan is available here

The following alternative hostings have been created for the blocked sites inside the country


Azadliq.info (blocked since 27th March 2017)
URL: https://storage.googleapis.com/qurium/azadliq.info/index.html
URL2: https://s3.eu-central-1.amazonaws.com/azadliq.info/index.html
Abzas.net (blocked from 27th March 2017)
URL: https://storage.googleapis.com/qurium/abzas.net/index.html
24saat.org(blocked from 5th May 2017)
URL: https://storage.googleapis.com/qurium/24saat.org/index.html