Capital: Paris
President: Emmanuel Macron (2017 – Today)
Population: 68 million
Reports on Press freedom:


Forensics reports

[16 May 2017] Tracing the #MacronGate source, forensic report

[4 May 2017] The Disturbing role of social media


Media Coverage

[18 May 2017] Forward, Sam Kestenbaum, Infamous Neo Nazi Hacker sought to flip French Election

[18 May 2017] Washington Post, Craig Timberg and Derek Hawkings,, Neo-nazi website trying to expand its reach

[17 May 2017] SC Magazine, Robert Abel,  Researchers claim ‘MacronGate’ linked to internet troll

[17 May 2017] Vocativ, Kevin Collier,  Infamous U.S. Nazi Hacker Tied To Fake France Election Scandal

[16 May 2017]  Wall Steet Journal, David Gauthier-Villars, U.S. Hacker Linked to Fake Macron Documents, Says Cybersecurity Firm

[16 May 2017]  Politico, Eric Geller, Neo-Nazi Activist may be behind fake Macron documents

[16 May 2017] NYMag, Brian Feldman, Dubious Macron Leaks Linked to Infamous Neo-Nazi Hacker-Troll Weev

[15 May 2017] Sputik France, Le Monde: «MacronLeaks» et les rumeurs sur le compte offshore orchestrés depuis les USA

[11 May 2017] EU Observer, Andrew Rettman, US neo-Nazis linked to Macron hack

[11 May 2017] Le Monde, Martin Untersinger et Damien Leloup, « MacronLeaks », compte offshore : l’ombre des néonazis américains

[4 May 2017] Le Monde, Soren Seelow, Attentat des Champs-Elysées : le rôle trouble des réseaux sociaux

[26 Apr 2017] Motherboard, Lorenzo Franceschi-Bicchierai, This Is the Evidence Linking Russian Hackers to the French Election