The Fighters – read their stories

Our partners have incredible stories to tell, and fantastic track records within their expertise. We are interviewing a few of these “fighters” to highlight the brave and excellent work they do. During 2019, we will release a monthly interview featuring a fighter. Enjoy the reading.

Khalid Ibrahim – Human rights defenders are treated like criminals in MENA region

Interview of Khalid Ibrahim, co-founder of the Gulf Centre for Human Rights, an independent non profit that operates in MENA region, a risky place for human rights defenders. His closest colleagues are in prison and the situation is only getting worse, specially for women that defend human rights.

Ronalyn V. Olea – The tyrants in cyberspace are shutting down critical and independent voices

Interview of Ronalyn V. Olea, managing editor of Bulatlat, Philippines’ top alternative online news site. Bulatlat has been labeled as “enemy of the state” by the Armed Forces of the Philippines and cyber attacked with hard Distributed Denial of Service attacks during three months. Ronalyn talks about it without fear.

Ganimat Zahid – Officials treat journalists as outcasts in Azerbaijan

Interview of Ganimat Zahid, editor-in-chief of the online newspaper and founder of Turan.TV, with 2 million viewers, the most popular TV show in Azerbaijan. Ganimat is listed by Reporters Without Borders as one of “100 Information Heroes” for his continuous effort to keep the Azerbaijani people informed.

Rafael Marques de Morais – for press freedom I have had to fight to free the Angolan people from fear

Interview of Rafael Marques de Morais, prominent political activist, winner of numerous journalistic prizes and awards, and founder of Maka Angola, a anti-corruption watchdog focusing on social injustice in Angola.

My.Kali brings hope to MENAs queer youths and challenges the narrative in the region

Interview by of Khalid “Kali” Abdel-Hadi, founder of My.Kali, one of the first queer magazines in the MENA region.