Our digital forensics investigations focus on Internet censorship, targeted malware, disinformation campaigns, election fraud,  digital attacks against media sites, and other digital threats against a free and open Internet.

We collaborate with independent media and investigative journalists to validate and enrich their stories with digital forensics. Qurium also assists with media dissemination so that the stories reaches a wider public beyond local media. Several of our media partners have been awarded for their work in investigative journalism:

  1. Kloop Media, Kyrgyzstan, Global Investigative Journalism Network (Best Investigative Stories from the Former Soviet Union — 2017)
  2., Azerbaijan, Guardian Journalism Award winner (2014)
  3. Premium Times Nigeria, Nigeria, Pulitzer Prize, as a part of the Panama Papers Investigation (2017)

This page includes all forensic reports that have been released to the public.  For full reports including media coverage, please see respective country page.


[August 2018] Azerbaijan and the fineproxy DIY DDOS service (Region40/QualityNetwork)
[April 2018] Corruption, censorship and deep packet inspection
[January 2018] Digital attacks against media reporting on SOCAR
[April 2017] Deep Packet Inspection and Internet censorship in Azerbaijan
[March 2017] News media websites attacked from Governmental Infrastructure in Azerbaijan
[December 2016] How Azerbaijan is trying to block main opposition media news


[May 2017] #MacronGate, tracing the source of the Macron offshore papers
[May 2017] The disturbing role of social media during the Champs-Elysées attack


[February 2018] Fake Mobile Apps in Iran, When Spyware and Click-fraud can put millions of unaware users at risk


[March 2018] Internet blocking in Jordan


[Oct – Dec 2017] Elections in Kyrgyzstan 2017, Exposing Samara, a fraudulent voter management system


[January 2017] Unrest in Myanmar


[October 2017] Internet Censorship during Catalonia’s Independence Referendum


[July 2018] DDOS against and
[June 2018] DNS tampering in Vietnam


[August 2018] The cyber attack against the ZimbabweElectoral Commission