April 7, 2017

Twelve days ago, was blocked inside Azerbaijan using a dedicated hardware inside Delta Telecom that monitors the encrypted connections to The technology known as “Deep Packet Inspection” drops any connection that contains the domain

After recording the traffic and understanding how the technology works, we have decided to run the full website inside Amazon Webservice Storage.

Readers will not have to install any special software to access the full content of the website and all connections to the content will remain encrypted but using the domain name:

How to reach inside Azerbaijan?

Browse the website using the link

(Now available on )

Do you have a smaller URL to remember?

Yes, you can use the twitter link

What other ways I can use to find the website?

Search in twitter for “aazzaaddlliqq“, that should return you the link to the site

What can I do to help?

Make sure that the readers inside Azerbaijan know about the new way to reach the content: might not be best URL to remember but your creativity to distribute the links is your best support.

News are now reachable inside Azerbaijan (8th April 2017)

Thousands of visitors are now reaching the alternative site via the alternative links

News about the demonstrations of the 8th of April 2017 include the alternative link to the site.