Phishing attack against Azerbaijani political and human rights activists

July 16, 2021

On July 7th, several prominent human rights and political activists in Azerbaijan received a targeted phishing mail impersonating Human Rights Watch.

According to Qurium’s analysis, the mail included a link to a malware, with the capability of webcam and Desktop recording, execution of Windows commands and extraction and uploading of selected files from the victim’s computer. Qurium’s report presents an analysis of the malware and explains how it was built, its capabilities, and where it was hosted.

This targeted phishing attack is not an isolated case, but rather a long term strategy from the Azerbaijani authorities to compromise human rights activists and journalists, states Qurium.

Qurium forensics report: Phishing attack against Azerbaijani political and human right activities

Digital forensics: Tord Lundström,, Technical Director
Media: Clara Zid, Media and Outreach Manager