Nigeria attempts to silence the investigative media Peoples Gazette by ordering blocking

February 2, 2021

Peoples Gazette, a Nigerian independent news outlet, is not reachable from a number of mobile Internet providers from inside the country since the 26th of January 2021. Peoples Gazette is a new investigative media that during its first four months in operations have revealed illicit financial transactions of Nigeria’s political elites and broken several exclusive stories on abuse of power.

The blocking of the news site is believed to be a revenge from Buhari’s Chief of Staff, who was the center of a report released by Peoples Gazette in October 2020 which went viral in Nigeria.

The blocking has been implemented without any notification to the news outlet and readers are not informed about the cause of the blocking. To circumvent the blocking, Qurium has deployed a Bifrost mirror of Peoples Gazette that is reachable at:

Qurium forensics report:

Digital forensics: Tord Lundström, Qurium Media Foundation
Media: Clara Zid, Qurium Media Foundation